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Manfred Nowak Quotes

8 Manfred Nowak quotes:

"In forced feeding of hunger-strikers, if the accusations are true, the ways and means reach the level of torture."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Hunger Quotes
"We want to have all information about secret places of detention because whenever there is a secret place of detention, there is also a higher risk that people are subjected to torture."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Information Quotes
"I think there is ample evidence that both police and other security forces have been and are continuing to systematically practice torture, in particular against dissidents or people who are opponents of the regime."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The practice of torture, though on decline particularly in urban areas, remains widespread in China."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"If there is a substantial risk in a certain country like Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, etc., then diplomatic assurances cannot be used. If a country usually and systematically practices torture, then of course they would deny they were doing it because it is absolutely prohibited."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Every secret place of detention is usually a higher risk for ill treatment, that the danger of secrecy."
Author: Nowak Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"Torture is practiced systematically by the security forces, ... This was admitted by high officials of both the army and police."
"Torture and ill treatment are systematically practiced in Nepal by the police, armed police and the Royal Nepal Army in order to extract confessions and to obtain intelligence, among others things,"

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