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Steve Warren Quotes

9 Steve Warren quotes:

"We'd developed unusually good intelligence during the week prior to the operation pertaining to specific individuals, most of whom were on our own 'most wanted' list."
"Right now I think it is. We have the potential to be a good run-scoring team, but we're not very disciplined at the plate right now. They do really good things in batting practice going against a fastball, but you also have to be able to hit that curveball in a game. I know we're going to hit the ball better."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"I had the school to myself, and I was on a roll when the alarm went off. I saw water coming down one of the walls, and I ducked in (the area) and it was full of smoke and heat, so I got out of there in a hurry. The Fire Department was there a couple of minutes later."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: School Quotes
"These polyps can take between two and five years to develop into cancer. This gives us a window of opportunity, when they can be removed and prevented from developing any further."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"That does great violence -great violence - to the provision of the constitution ... which requires that a member sincerely represent the district in which he lives."
"We have a better understanding of the genetic defects associated with Huntington's disease than we do of other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. Establishing this nonhuman primate model for Huntington's disease is critical to providing a foundation for studying the genetic causes of other neurodegenerative diseases."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"You wouldn't believe how busy we are, ... It's very interesting to see the awareness pick up. Most (people) are finding out that technology is your friend in this situation."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Awareness Quotes
"I've improved my golf over the past year and a half. Every semester it has gotten better. It's a shame I have to leave on May 28."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"They found this land that would be a benefit to the state park. It will be very beneficial to Iredell County residents."
Author: Warren Quotes Category: Land Quotes

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