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4 John Grammer quotes:

"I had excellent daytime vision and was in great physical condition, having played varsity football at Valier High School, ... Things went along just fine until one day during my training. I accidentally bumped into a second lieutenant, which was not the thing to do."
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"I went to high school in Sesser, in Royalton, and then graduated from Valier. My dad was a miner, and we lived wherever he was working. That meant a lot of moving. That's why I don't feel like I am from any one town; just call me a Franklin County native. In fact, I joke and say sometimes that both Benton and Sesser claim me -- Benton claims that I'm from Sesser, and Sesser claims that I'm from Benton,"
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"I've been a member of the Kentucky Thumb Pickers Hall of Fame for some time now,"
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"All my friends were in the Army. Everyone wanted to do their part, and I had thought I could pull it off without anyone realizing I had a problem seeing in the dark, ... but it wasn't meant to be."

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