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Sonia Gandhi Quotes

8 Sonia Gandhi quotes:

"Perhaps you must have noticed that everyone's language has changed after my resignation."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Language Quotes
"I don't disown our responsibility and my responsibility as Prime Minister,"
"They should be encouraged to do better as they are our strength. But they must work for the betterment of the party without hoping for electoral gains."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"The lifestyle of many of our colleagues has been very pompous. They conduct weddings and birthdays in such an ostentatious manner that it pains me a lot. It appears that they are making fun of our commitment to the poor."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Birthday Quotes
"Returning to power in northern India is very important for the Congress party. No magic wand will work. We have to make our efforts. It will be a long and difficult struggle for us."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"An economy growing at 7 percent per year, can and must find the resources to improve the lives of its millions of poor."
"The Congress is the only party that can provide peace and stability to the state."
Author: Gandhi Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

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