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12 John Pike quotes:

"Whatever level of aid and comfort they are providing to various other regional troublemakers, at this point they seem to have gauged successfully how annoying they can be without provoking a significant response."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"When I think of a surveillance company, I tend to think of Northrop Grumman rather than General Dynamics."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"Historically, the Marines were recruiting warriors, and the Army was recruiting people looking for a good career move, ... Well, if you are recruiting warriors, Iraq is what you have been waiting for. But right now, Iraq doesn't look like such a good career move."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Army And Navy Quotes
"The struggle against evildoers is a growth industry and the Marines want a piece of that."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The sort of evidence you're going to be able to gather is not going to be courtroom quality evidence."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"General Atomics has recognized that it's a rapidly evolving field, and the race is to the swift."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"If I was going to be going through all the trouble to conduct a well-planned assault on a nuclear power plant, I'm not going to trust some Web site to do my intelligence collection. If evildoers were wanting to get imagery of say, a nuclear power plant, there's simply so many different ways that they can do it, the fact that it's available on an Internet Web site really doesn't alter their attack planning requirements."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes
"This is their Kennedy Space Center. All they've got connecting the building where they assemble the missiles and the launch pad is a dirt road through the middle of a rice paddy."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"false sense of security"
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"The single, self-forging fragment hits the target at a high velocity,"
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"They recognized that our air power was just going to brush aside their conventional forces, which is what happened in the early part of the ground campaign. They knew that the only chance they had was to wage a struggle against us that marginalized our air power."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"It was a defining symbol of an era. For its supporters, it was 'peace through strength.' For its opponents, it was 'the mad momentum of the arms race.' Both sides cared about it so much. Now it's going out, and nobody even notices."
Author: Pike Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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