Mike Wilson Quotes

25 Mike Wilson quotes:

"It was good to see our hard work finally pay off. We've worked hard and today we played like the coaches have anticipated us playing all year. The kids really put it together."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"It?s hard enough to win this thing one year in a row. To win three years in a row is quite an accomplishment."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"We'd rather see quality 1,800 square foot homes than have a 3,000 square foot box that is unsightly."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"I'm here because even though James Norris is being charged with this, I feel the mother is just as responsible. It's as if she had her hands in on the physical act itself."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"The service worked beautifully out there."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Service Quotes

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