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12 Jeffrey Immelt quotes:

"We will meet our commitments in 2001 in the face of a recession, the tragic events of 9/11 and many other disruptions in the economy. What's more, we only see double-digit growth on the horizon for 2002 and beyond."
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"even if the economy does not recover, and to grow more if a recovery does take place. Our best days are ahead."
"I look at what [NBC entertainment chief] Kevin Reilly and Jeff Zucker have, ... We have the best pipeline of shows we've probably had in the last four or five years. I am excited by what's out there. I can already see the turn happening in the prime-time schedule. I really like the team."
"My father worked for GE for 40 years,"
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"I think there's a sense of arrogance and entitlement here, a complacency in the United States."
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"It starts with performance and integrity. We've been in most of our businesses for over 100 years and we have a very experienced leadership team, ... We've got the world's best audit staff. We've got a culture of integrity, and that's what investors have to respect."
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"I hate where the stock price is,"
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"We remain prepared to deliver double-digit earnings growth in 2001, but most importantly we're excited about how well GE is positioned for the future,"
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"At the forefront of GE's 2006 strategic plan is the goal to further promote growth, employment, transfer of knowledge and technology across the Middle East. Building on the successes of 2005 in the region, we will explore development opportunities in these key areas."
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"This will create a clearer line of sight on how our financial services businesses operate and enhance growth, ... Our external reporting will mirror this organizational structure, providing greater clarity for investors."
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"Any time we invested in the people in India, we made a tremendous amount of money."
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"Investors are smart, and over the long haul, performance is what drives anybody's stock price, GE's included, and so I truly believe that."
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