Aleksander Kwasniewski Quotes

14 Aleksander Kwasniewski quotes:

"However, I don't doubt that a wave of immigration will come to Poland,"
Author: Kwasniewski Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"[The failure to agree on a budget is] directly linked to the crisis of European leadership which has been in place for 10 months now, ... One month before the end of the British presidency we are where we are now despite all the statements of the British presidency."
Author: Kwasniewski Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"Early elections are bad for Poland but in this situation they are a real option."
"We are driving towards trans-Atlantic unity. We are against a conflict with the United States,"
"An indefatigable man moved by conviction that for the common good one has to search for truth."
"She understands the driving force of our times, the move to democracy, because she has lived it,"
"would mean the triumph of one side, and every triumph is dangerous because it carries the seed of arrogance, pride and mistakes."
"Without that, the face of the world would not have changed, ... the greatest moral authority of our time."
"But we have to think about the future, and we have to think about the right of the new president to make new decisions,"
Author: Kwasniewski Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"a man who did a huge service for the world's modern history."
"I trust the voters will soften that victory,"
Author: Kwasniewski Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"I am convinced that the changes do not represent a reversal of the process ... that began with the Orange Revolution,"
"There is reason for joy."
Author: Kwasniewski Quotes Category: Joy Quotes
"These commemorations are intended to promote knowledge of Auschwitz as widely as possible and bring the truth about the camps to the younger generation,"

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