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Jim Matheson Quotes

6 Jim Matheson quotes:

"Now more than ever it's not the time for Congress to be raising its pay,"
Author: Matheson Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Clearly, the Federal Emergency Management Agency didn't do its job. Now we have to find out why, and hold the federal government accountable. Congressional leaders must take action on this matter."
"Pipe bands greeted the Queen and the Queen mother when they visited us and a few people turned out. But everybody appeared to see this woman Madonna. She had them all in the palm of her hand."
Author: Matheson Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"The process needs low cost and quality, and Toyota is a role model example of how to use cost and quality to get on the playing field."
Author: Matheson Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Never before in the history of sports has there been such an emphasis on public safety,"
Author: Matheson Quotes Category: History Quotes
"recognized that Utah and Nevada should be united against the arrogance of the East Coast dumping its waste on the West. We still have never addressed the transportation risks, whether on the roads or rails to Skull Valley or Yucca Mountain. That is why this lethal cargo should stay where it is until an acceptable disposal solution can be found."
Author: Matheson Quotes Category: Arrogance Quotes

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