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"It is to create the best Games the world has ever seen by unlocking the UK's unrivalled passion for sport, by delivering the best Games for athletes to compete in, by showcasing London's unmatched cultural wealth and diversity and by creating a real and lasting legacy."
"This represents a significant saving of public funds and we will strive to bring the same discipline to the financing of the games,"
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"We have worked through a comprehensive agenda in a spirit of partnership and cooperation. We could not have started on a better footing."
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"This city provides a wonderful global platform to promote the Olympic movement particularly to a young audience."
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"I am delighted that Jonathan will be the athlete member of the LOCOG board,"
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"Don't expect to see an Olympic Stadium up after Christmas, but don't also be lulled into believing nothing is happening because right at this moment, construction is underway. Work has started and it's started very quickly."
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"The international people tell us that we are taken seriously and that there is a momentum."
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