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Jeff Henley Quotes

6 Jeff Henley quotes:

"Fiscal oversight and fiscal responsibility are a huge, huge part of being a school board member. We can sit here all day long and ask Albany for more money, but if we're not spending it wisely, we don't deserve it."
"We have an enormous sales pipeline for both applications and technology, ... Typically that's proven to be a good indicator of how we'll do."
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"Our assumption is that the U.S. economy will continue to improve, at least gradually, but technology spending will not show significant improvement probably for another six months."
"In addition, our sales force is getting smarter about how to sell in this environment. Finally, high (return on investment) projects around e-business can only get delayed so long before management decides they need to press ahead."
Author: Henley Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"A billion dollars in annual savings translates to a 10-point improvement in our margins. We did better than that again this quarter. In the first quarter our operating margin improved over last year's by 11.7 points -- from 17.4 percent to 29.1 percent."
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"After September, I've reflected on the campaign, and being a new father of twin boys, I really feel like I owe it to the kids in the city to give this a shot and make this district a better place."
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