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"I'm a big believer that if you can get a tight end that can stretch a defense vertically and give you some blocking on top of it, you can change your whole offense. That's why I think San Francisco is going to take him at six — because they have average wide receivers, he can help with a young quarterback, and he can be a difference-maker."
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"He's more a manage-the-game kind quarterback -- make decisions, don't lose games. And he's got a big injury history."
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"He's been living it, breathing it, sleeping it since he was a high school kid."
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"I think you start with winning. Pete has brought that magic back to Troy. They're recruiting nationally, and not a lot of programs can do that successfully."
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"If he had perfect character, he would probably be a late first-day type of prospect. Given where he is today, he's probably a sixth- or seventh-round pick at best, and maybe even a priority free agent."
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"Sitting at No. 1, you think what football player is going to help us be the best team we can be, and we can't worry about what Tennessee does. If we happen to take the guy they want, and it's the guy we want, that's even better. But we can't worry about it."
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"I really believe that Ernie Sims is the most explosive, through-the-hips athlete in this draft."
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"You've got three potential franchise quarterbacks who all should go in that top 10."
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"He's not as good an athlete as his older brother. He's not as dangerous a runner as his older brother. He's got a better innate feel for the passing game than his brother did at this time of his career."
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