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"It's a hard situation to talk about. And at the same time, it's a tough situation to be in because you're working with a guy who makes you better. You're working on a great defense. But you might not get all the credit or the respect that you deserve."
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"Troy is different. He is not what people think of as your typical professional athlete."
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"He's not going to do what he did in college -- not at this level. Look, Steve Spurrier's college offense didn't work too well in the NFL."
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"Hey, it's like heaven. We're walking around, and people are snapping pictures of us. People want to come up to you and talk to you. It's Hollywood. It's like you're on a cloud."
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"There will be times we have to go to a meeting in five minutes, and he'll say, I'm going to sleep for three minutes. Wake me up."
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"Once you get to the college and professional levels and meet guys from all over the world, it's hard to think you'll find a true friend, a true teammate. That's what I compare it to. It's almost like we have an unbelievable trust in each other. I never thought I'd have that opportunity to experience that again. You never think you'll see that bond you had in high school. Here, it's something we have."
Author: Hope Quotes Category: College Quotes
"You never want a game to be determined on a ref's [replay] call. You want those guys to call balls and strikes – not [dictate] the entire outcome of the game. They make mistakes just like we do."
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