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"They're a good basketball team and we knew they wouldn't quit. They handled our pressure very well in the first quarter and we couldn't get our run going."
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"Our kids played real hard against a very good basketball team. They showed a lot of poise in a pressure situation and came up with a big win for us."
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"They are a good shooting basketball team. And when they are able to make shots from that far out, they are hard to guard."
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"There's no more pressure on us now than there was when we first started. We like to play basketball. We like to work hard in practice and we like to work hard in games and we like to win basketball games. That's all we're focused on right now and that's all that matters."
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"We like coming here for the competition. They have always treated us good up here and there are some good teams here. Winning here is important because we have been here a lot of years and haven't won many of these. This is a really good tournament."
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"Alton's very quick and they do a good job pressuring the ball. They were well prepared to guard our delay game, and it showed. Our guys did a really good job of coming back down the floor and executing a good play to get us the lead back."
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"He's made himself a good shooter, and I think that showed tonight. He's a good athlete, and I think he likes all sports. That's a great opportunity for him at Minnesota, and I think he's happy about it."
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"They're playing very good basketball right now. They play hard, they're very athletic and they've got a new player that is giving them a lot offensively."
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"I think any time you advance in the postseason it's fun for the players. Our guys are thankful to have the opportunity to still be playing and when you get this far along, you're playing good teams."
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"I don't think it's ever mattered to Spencer whether he scores any points or not. He's just trying to do what the team needs him to do and he's always going to do exactly what the coach wants him to do."
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"I think we have a good bunch of guys that work real hard. We prepared well for this tournament and I think we deserved it. This is a good win for us."
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"We've got a good group of guys that work very hard at what they do and are very dedicated and focused on getting better every day. We prepared hard for this tournament, like we do for all our games, and we came out and executed."
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