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7 Peter Jacobsen quotes:

"He's got the best swing on Tour. He's the best conditioned athlete -- I think he's surpassed Tiger -- and he seems to want it the most. The guy's relentless."
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"I have a good time every round, but today was really fun because the three of us are such good friends. I mean, sometimes when I play with him, I have to pretend like I like Stadler."
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"What makes this course fun is you hit all your shots, which is great. Plus it's a beautiful course in a tranquil setting."
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"You see a lot of bad golf shots. I was playing with a guy once who took a wild swing with a 3-wood or something, and he hit the ground behind the ball and the divot flapped over the ball. He stood there looking down the fairway, and we were on the ground laughing because his ball was underneath the divot, and he didn't even know that he did not hit the ball."
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"Loren is no surprise to me. He understands golf, and he knows he's not a power player. His short game is one of the best in all of golf."
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"I'm still not feeling that hot, but this event means so much for the kids, ... That's what it's really all about. For the kids, this is an important week."
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"You could bury three elephants in that bunker. I think Nicklaus designed that bunker at night."
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