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"The facts are the facts: Without Lascelles on the team, the chances of anything result-wise was very slim. Nothing against the others, but Lascelles is the best athlete on the team. He makes everyone around him better. It's not about the medals, but about sending athletes and giving them the best chance they can have."
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"I'm scared for sure, for sure. All I guess I can say is I hope, I just hope that everything we've done and the people who are helping us out — and they know who they are — we just hope that everything happens that we can be given a chance."
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"I was upset after the first run. I hate sitting fifth. It drives me crazy."
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"Doing well in the two-man really helped. I was worried about the two-man but now that it's behind us, I think it has helped the other guys relax."
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"We have a game plan. But in the four-man, anything can happen."
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