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8 Brentson Buckner quotes:

"It looks like the game really has slowed down for him. The athletic ability has always been there but now his techniques are starting to show up in his play. He looks so natural because he's such a great athlete but he's really understanding what people are trying to do to him and how he needs to react to it."
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"Being a defensive lineman, Reggie is one of the guys I always watched. And he was an inspiration off the field, too. We lost a great football player today, and we lost a great citizen."
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"The funny thing about it is it's been in our hands several times this year and we seemed to drop it. Our backs are against the wall right now and there are no more drops."
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"It's human nature. The team that's got something to play for will always play harder than the team that doesn't have anything to play for. It's just a matter of going out there and taking it."
"When you're going against arguably the best defensive lineman in the game, you're going to lose some sleep at night, especially when you're feeling that he's in a zone. It's human nature. If you see me ball up my fist to hit you, you're going to move out the way, right? Just imagine that. When you start taking those punches, sooner or later you're going to jerk back."
"This is my job,"
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"Taylor is that kind of player. He can give them a very nice little package in that offense, something that's going to be very tough to stop."
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"I don't know what the other 113 people are like. But I know I've got deep spot in my heart for sports and a love for it. I can't speak for anybody else. I have plenty of time (to follow college football). I know what my perspectives are. I love sports. I spend all day Saturday watching college football anyway, so I'll put it to good use."

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