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Bobby Frasor Quotes

8 Bobby Frasor quotes:

"You kind of dream about that kind of stuff. I went through in my mind that I had done it 1,000 times, crowd or no crowd. I pictured the ball going through the hoop in my routine. I knocked the first one in and Dave (Noel) kind of gave me a joke. He's always joking in pressure situations. And I knocked down the second one."
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"They get a lot of points off turnovers, and for us not to have too many, that's important. The shot just before half, that was big. I was happy until someone jumped on my finger. It gave us momentum, and we jumped on them the first 10 minutes of the second half."
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"That was big for us as far as getting some momentum. Then, we came out in the second half and, in the first 10 minutes, we really got on them."
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"I was kind of worried about it a little. But once I got here, and coach (Williams) gave his talk before the game, I looked around the room and saw that everybody was focused and ready to play."
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"He's probably the best athlete we've played on the perimeter. I was really concerned just to stay in front of him, to play him as a driver first, and that's what I did."
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"A lot of teams against State worry so much about their backdoor cuts that they sag off. That's when State kills them with the 3. But Coach Williams sticks with his principles -- pressuring the ball, denying the passing lanes -- and that forces them to get out of their offense and get out of their comfort zone."
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"In the first half, we didn't play any defense. In the second half, we just came out, got some more pressure and played with energy and passion. We took pride in our defense."
"From day one, we never used that excuse. The excuse that we're a bunch of freshmen and that's why we make mistakes is unacceptable. We're basketball players. We should never play the way we played out there today."
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