Chipper Jones Quotes

22 Chipper Jones quotes:

"We got a wakeup call. If it had been the right score between Mexico and Canada, we were heading home."
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"These guys may not experience success right away like our group did. But before they're said and done, they might have a bigger impact on the success of this organization."
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"I think he's a landslide winner. You're talking about a guy who plays Gold Glove defence, the best center fielder in the game, bar none. Everybody's just been waiting for him to turn the corner offensively, and now he's done that."
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"That's him maturing and learning."
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"Don Baylor used to say, 'Don't take batting practice. Just show up, get dressed, stay loose and go out there, see it, hit it."
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"Sometimes you can do too much work and work yourself into a funk."
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"It was probably the best baseball experience of my career. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every day was a new memory, a new career high."
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"You have to have the desire to succeed and you can do that without cheating. Well, some people can."
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"We needed to exorcise some demons from last night. It was a little worrisome what happened last night. But tonight, what more can you say? They did a great job."
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"And I don't think they've reached their full potential."
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"A lot of hard work has gone into building these fields. You guys enjoy it. Make as much use as you can out of it, and maybe one day we'll see you in a Braves uniform."
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"It's the best baseball experience of my life. Period. Bar none. It beats any World Series win, any World Series loss, any All-Star Game."
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"I have confidence in whoever goes out there. Even when Kolbie was struggling at the beginning of the season, I always felt like his last outing would be the one when he turned it around. It took him being demoted and he's figured it out. He's getting key outs. Reitsma will do the same."
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"Probably not, but it's a tremendous compliment to him and his abilities that he's even considered."
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"You've got to throw strikes. You're helpless against walks. There's no defense against them. We have trouble throwing strikes."
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"After the first couple of innings, I would have probably called off the dogs. But it was nice to get a big lead and relax."
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"We just have to wait and see how the pain is the next couple of days. Right now I feel the ankle took the brunt of it."
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"When I came up in'95, ... David Justice started calling me the Golden Child. What he meant was that he felt I would become the face of the Braves organization. Frenchie [a Francoeur nickname] is the new Golden Child. His face is going to be the face of the Braves."
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"We can bunt guys over. But we're built on power. That's American baseball."
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"If this year doesn't satisfy people, then Andruw is fighting a battle he's never going to win. We always thought he could hit 40 homers and drive in 120. It was just a matter of putting it all together."

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