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"It would be nice to have another body, yes absolutely. That's what makes it so screwy here towards the callups and when rosters expand. We had to bring [Scott Baker] up. There was no one we could send out other than a position player."
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"That was (coach Paul) Molitor yelling at the umpire, not me. I just raised and said, 'What?' and he told me to get out of here."
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"A lot of things got straightened out. It was a good conversation, ... Both parties learned a little bit about what each other is thinking and what's going on. It helped me. I'm sure it helped J.C. I learned a lot from him."
"He gets a little wound up here, no doubt. Hopefully we can calm him down a little tonight."
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"Maybe we can put some fear in them, They have a single-digit lead (over Cleveland) now, so you know they're starting to feel the effects. And that's half the battle, to see how people handle things."
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"If Buck sees him throwing 84 mph on March 6, he's going to have a heart attack. It's an issue, but people have to deal with it. There are going to be pitchers who are notorious for not getting going until right at the end of spring training. Guys aren't going to be locked and loaded; that's almost a guarantee."
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"We just kept banging away and fortunately enough, they made one mistake, missed a ball which hurt them. You've just got to keep playing because you never know what is going to happen in the game."
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"Being on the bench for these games won't help them get ready for season. We are thin at the infield spots, so we are very happy to have these guys stay here."
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"I'm not going to punish a guy just because he's going to the world games. It's quite an honor. But it does make it a little bit more difficult. I'm not going to evaluate him while he's in the world games. I'll be evaluating my guys here."
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"My goal is to never stop learning and to never quit making adjustments, ... no matter where you are in this game. I'm always trying to make myself better, and I think I did that today."
"We all put things in perspective here. That pretty much takes away from anything you do at the ballpark. Our hearts and our prayers are all with Puck. We know it's a tough situation out there."
"That's why they've got their record, because they take advantage of other teams' mistakes."
"We don't know where to go from here, but it was a nice night."
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"That was a bad night. We played a lousy game all around."
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"It was a big situation like this, these guys coming into town, a big Friday night and he withstood everything. That was fun to see."
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"We talked about it and moved them over a couple steps last night, but we're going to have to do better than that. You have to make adjustments based on who's pitching. If the ball goes through that hole a couple of times, then why don't we just move over so we can stop it?"
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"He's getting better pitches to hit. That's what happens when you start swinging well. The pitcher makes mistakes and you hit it instead of fouling it off."
"I'm kind of spinning a little bit, to tell you the truth."
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"Now we are trying to get back up there and see if we can get back in the playoffs, so we're chasing them. They chased us for a few years and we're chasing them right now."
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"We were trying to get him to come back into the clubhouse where he was the greatest leader I've ever seen. He wanted to do it."
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