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"We were really flat. We played without emotion. The frustrating part is that we've been through this before. We went through it against Linden. If there's such a thing as a good loss, it's this one because it goes to show we better be ready to play."
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"Colleen Smith gave us a fire."
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"Defense has been our only consistent. Offensively, we score 70 in one game, then 29 in the next, it's been crazy. But our defense is always consistently tough and I'm real happy with that."
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"We just picked it up and started playing good belly-to-belly defense. We picked up the intensity and started making things happen."
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"It's just a desire to succeed. Some kids have it and some kids don't. It's the kind of thing you can't coach."
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"Jenny and Rachel really stepped up and did a couple of big things for us. It was fun to see the juniors do things that nobody expected them to do. That's what it's all about."
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"The girls don't feel good about it. They know we need to put it behind us and concentrate on (tonight)."
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"You're always disappointed when you lose, but the girls played their hearts out. We told them to hold their heads high. Last year, we were shocked, but this year we were the underdogs. We had nothing to lose. The girls went and laid it all out on the line."
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"They kept hanging around and we couldn't close them out. I told the girls they better be ready. I think we might have overlooked them, but we still put the game away."
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"We have nine kids that had never played in the playoffs before, so that was a good first game for them. That's why you work hard in the regular season, to get a good seed."
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"We struggled and persevered - I love it. This is good for our team. They thought once they got through preseason, league would be a cakewalk again. Things aren't like they were last year."
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