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"What are you going to do, fire the coach every four years?"
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"A relaxing of the conflict provision would generate much needed advisory capacity and promote opportunities for growth and knowledge transfer within the South African insurance services sector."
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"Bum Phillips used to say that Earl Campbell may not be in a class by himself, but it doesn't take long to call roll. Same thing can be said about Bill King."
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"That hurt, that changed the match and it affected the way he wrestled. He didn't feel like he could pick Neal up. Neal is very good on his feet. The way Brett was wrestling on Friday, I didn't think anybody would touch him, but it's a great feeling. It's a great feeling for me as a coach. He's the first guy I coached who became an All-American (by placing in the top three)."
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"It's been a constant struggle. We started so bad. We were shut out so many times. We got beaten up early. You see this team in the World Series and say, 'How did it happen?' But here we are."
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"I think my power sneaks up on me as well as everybody else, ... I've always been a hitter that uses the whole field and hits for batting average with the dimensions here. My ability to go the opposite way has been a benefit."
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