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Mark Walker Quotes

6 Mark Walker quotes:

"That's partly a reflection of short vacations, ... My guess is that people who take a month off and travel experience longer lasting benefits than people who take three days off and work while they're away."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"Utah obtains most of its crude oil from Canada, Las Vegas, Denver and northern Utah."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"Bradley has done a good job and he's earned the right to play, ... That doesn't mean there's not competition there. We'd like to get Pete Towne some time too."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"It's been a real eye-opener. I can't see a government reacting to a crisis in any other way."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We're in the middle of an appeal to the Radiation Control Board."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"That's something that's hurt us a lot, ... Not to make excuses, but when you don't have the guys who have worked back there all season long it's going to hurt you. Some of those guys will be back, but again, we don't know exactly when it will be. It's a case by case deal."
Author: Walker Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes

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