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13 Adrian Aucoin quotes:

"We're real fragile now. We're working hard. We've just got to get our confidence up."
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"If there is any doubt, normally you go upstairs. He's not giving us any leeway. That's accountability on his part. You gotta be a man about it. Clearly, everybody thought it crossed the line."
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"Some of our defencemen here in the first couple of games have been just outstanding,"
"The first one he (Heyer) said he lost sight of the puck, so he blew it. Our guys work hard and finally get some offense going and something like that happens. It's really frustrating."
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"It's tough when you work hard and the results aren't there. You start to second-guess yourself."
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"A few games after Peter Laviolette became the coach, I began to get more ice time, ... Pretty soon, I was skating 25-30 minutes a night. I was more than happy to keep doing that. It sure makes a difference when you have the coach's confidence."
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"It was really tough, not having the routine like we're so used to. Basically living a different life than we're used to."
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"All the guys they brought in ... every one has that good character on and off the ice, which is huge,"
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"It seems to be my best option. Even if I came back [to play] after rehab, [doctors] wanted me to have surgery after the season, and they didn't like the odds too much."
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"We're not a risky team and we were just a little too risky tonight. They seem to just score with their chances. Defensively we weren't where we wanted to be."
"I had no problems with the old rules, but I think taking the red line away will hopefully add to scoring and make the game faster, ... As a defenseman, I look at scoring negatively, but it works both ways. I wonder about the expectations though. I played in Sweden, without a red line, and I don't think the game was faster. On the other hand, I wasn't playing with the best players in the world, as in the NHL. We'll adjust to the new icing rules and in a few years we won't remember what it was like before. There's always calls for new rules, but I just hope the game doesn't change too drastically."
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"Just knowing you have Khabibulan, that confidence in the great goaltending, you seem to just play better."
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"It was no secret that I loved living there, and I liked just about everything about the Islanders. But obviously I talked to enough teams to know there were lots out there willing to go out of their way to get me. And it seemed the Islanders weren't half as interested as the others, which was frustrating. That's what pushed me to leave."
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