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"The economy is doing better than anyone three or four months ago thought it could do. While 1.4 percent growth is pretty feeble, it does mean the recession was, from a GDP perspective, the mildest one we ever had."
"The U.S. economy is now almost certainly in recession, but a huge amount of policy stimulus should strongly boost growth by next spring or summer. A consumer rebound in the spring and a capital spending recovery by the second half of 2002 will hopefully follow."
"The U.S. economy has yet to show convincing signs of a bottom but that doesn't mean monetary policy isn't working. We continue to look for a strong economic rebound by the fourth quarter."
"The Leading Economic Index is basically telling us what we already know. Despite the declines in the index, the economy is growing, although very slowly."
"The economy was moving like a rocket in the first quarter. GDP probably rose at a 4.5 percent rate. It's a little faster than I thought earlier, primarily because even though demand was enormously strong in the first quarter, there was actually a pretty considerable case of inventory building."
"Consumer spending, which [has] kept the economy afloat, should decline in the third quarter and lead us into a formal, albeit shallow, recession."
"Oddly, the statement accompanying the [cut] was uniformly negative in its assessment of the economy, which would have been consistent with a bigger move. We assume [Fed policy makers were] divided and that the smaller move allowed a consensus to be formed."
"The economy is on the verge of recovery but the recession has not quite loosened its grip yet."
"With the economy showing signs of life, the Fed easing cycle is probably at an end. We expect the Fed to hold steady."
"This is a great PPI number. We have literally no wholesale inflation in the U.S. economy. The PPI went down, the core PPI was unchanged, and over the past year wholesale prices measured by the core PPI are barely up at all."
"The U.S. economy shows further signs of stabilizing, though a true recovery is still some months away. Consumers will determine the near-term outlook and signs are positive."
"The economy is definitely making a transition. I think 1998 will be viewed as the year of soft landing when the economy went from a nearly 4 percent growth rate in the prior year, to just over 2 percent this year."
"He is extremely optimistic on technology, its impact on productivity and the benefits it has to our economy. We believe Alan Greenspan does not see any burning need to further tighten policy, assuming the economy is slowing as it has been indicating so far."
"The economy remains weak, but hints of stabilization are emerging."
"The U.S. economy is performing so admirably right now, it is hard to believe how good it is. We have strong growth, declining inflation, strong profits, rising real wages. All of these things are happening at the same time and there is no sign that any of this is about to end."
"The economy is still going very, very strong. I think in October the Fed will take a pass, what they do after that remains to be seen."
"It's appalling that the police department can enter into a contract that goes against the Constitution."
"And the signs since the fourth quarter suggest growth picking up in the first quarter more strongly than most people had anticipated. So I would say the recovery is here."
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"A further deterioration in the labor market is inevitable."
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"We believe if the Fed does not cut by 75 basis points, there is a risk the market would be disappointed. If the Fed does cut by 75 basis points, we do not think that the selling climax would continue past that point."
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