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10 Jeff Samardzija quotes:

"I'm surrounded by the right people. I've got a lot of good family and friends, two great head coaches. It will be a tough decision but not a bad one to have."
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"From the beginning I said I was going to give my heart to both sports and whatever worked out in the end was going to be my decision. After this season my decision has gotten exponentially tougher. Still, I'm not worried about it. I'm not leaning one way or the other. I'm just trying to have fun with these guys. It goes so fast. Before you know it I'll be playing my last home game at Notre Dame Stadium and trying to figure out what I want to do."
"Coach Weis has brought a confidence to this team that's just kind of bled through the team. It's kind of something we're trying to feed off of. ... He's brought a lot of things, but I think the mentality he's brought has just been probably the key part."
"They made more plays than us on offense and defense."
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"I wasn't getting the low strike, and I live down there. That defense behind me was outstanding."
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"I'm an athlete playing baseball and football, which is the proper way to say it. I love both of them. I'm not worrying about making a decision."
"Brady and Mo put up some crazy numbers. I just caught a couple of balls, but those two were going crazy. They were scoring touchdowns left and right."
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"It's going to be exciting - especially being a Big East game - coming home and getting that first start of the year. We'll see, hopefully it'll be a good opener on Friday under the lights."
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"It?s kind of an understanding between Brady and the receivers that being taller just creates an advantage in different situations. There?s times you can be covered but have a few inches on the guy, (and it) pretty much equals being uncovered."
"Everyone knows Brady's always had the arm. He's always had the physical talent. He's always been a smart quarterback. But once Coach Weis got here, he kind of instilled a mentality in Brady to let him know he's got that skill."
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