Larry Birns Quotes

4 Larry Birns quotes:

"The U.S. and the international community has a failed policy in that it has not promoted security and democracy in Haiti. The election, if and when it takes place, will be as controversial as elections in Iraq."
Author: Birns Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"This is being done devoid of public scrutiny. I personally think that it's outrageous that the US government can dispose funds with no real consultation."
Author: Birns Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Here you have an elected leader with skills and money who doesn't throw people in jail and pull out their fingernails. That's what makes him so dangerous."
Author: Birns Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"There has to be a refiguring and recalibration of the role of the security forces and a clarification of what the U.N. role should be."
Author: Birns Quotes Category: Security Quotes

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