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Robert Griffin Quotes

7 Robert Griffin quotes:

"He had the best 'J' in college, maybe in the pros. He had me doing all types of shooting and cutting drills. You work with a guy like that and you'll never miss your shot or forget your fundamentals."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: College Quotes
"(Weir) will tell you anything he thinks the government wants you to hear. You're not going to hear anything that corroborates what Jason Weir says."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"You'll get incarcerated with a bad attitude."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: Attitude Quotes
"Ladies and gentlemen, the handling of the evidence in this case is nothing short of a disgrace."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: Gentlemen Quotes
"We have a 12-month construction schedule. With any luck, we'll be done sooner."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"There's an awful lot of hidden talent in the area. I've been here a number of years, and I've actually seen the number of venues diminish. We need more opportunities for jazz musicians."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Sometimes attitude gets in the way of common sense. So if someone gets locked up, it's what they wanted, not what we wanted. We don't get a rush out of taking people to jail."
Author: Griffin Quotes Category: Attitude Quotes

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