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"Hopefully it will be ready as soon as possible. The doctors said hopefully we can get it ready for pretty much the first playoff games."
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"It was great in the beginning. I got a lot of notoriety about it in Double-A. Now it's getting to the point where it's past that time. It's a time where whenever anyone writes something about me, it's, 'Oh, he has a great on-base percentage.' Well, in order to have a good on-base percentage you've got to hit, too."
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"I remember two years ago a bunch of us went out on the boat and it was my birthday. We had a great time out there. That's the little things you miss. Johnny was a great person. He was the first guy to step in front of the media when things weren't right, when things were right."
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"I have a lot of confidence in my teammates that they'll get us (to the playoffs). Hopefully, I'll have the chance to help out."
"We'll see what happens, ... Baby steps."
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"The only time it hurt was when I hit it off the end of the bat. It doesn't matter if you have 10 broken fingers ... it's going to hurt off the end of the bat. It's a little discomforting with the grip of the bat, but I have to just keep taking good cuts. Whole trick in baseball is to barrel it up. If I can do that, I'll feel good."
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"I know my pain threshold. I'm fine, ... It's come down to that point where you got to suck up a lot of stuff."
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