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11 Mathieu Schneider quotes:

"I always use Patty Roy as an example just because I played with him when he was breaking in,"
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"The hockey was great, though we were obviously frustrated we didn't win. I was happy my family was able to go with me and that made it a really enjoyable experience."
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"For me, I really felt it gave my body a nice rest. I feel great, and I'm extremely excited to start the year."
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"We have no communication with other players right now. Because we haven't been able to talk to one another, we don't know if it's 50 guys, 100 guys, 150 or 200 guys who feel this way."
"That's great. These guys, they've been bugging me all year. It's all in good clean fun. Just as long as they are pulling for me in the Olympics."
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"It's been a lot of fun, obviously, playing on this team and with this organization. Everything feels so easy right now, everything is rolling."
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"That's got to be the fastest goal scored by a new player on a new team in history. He stepped on the ice, walked right down the pipe and buried it. That was a great start."
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"You force them to take more chances and that opens up more ice. I thought for about 15 minutes in that second period we were fairly dominant and then a couple turnovers and that seemed to turn the momentum their way."
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"It's another part of the schedule we have to deal with. The travel is terrible, so there's plenty of excuses built in for us, but we've gone out every night and worked hard and played the same way. I don't expect anything different in these games."
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"That's what you're going to see when you turn on ESPN highlights every night, ... Or the OLN (Outdoor Life Network) highlights."
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"He could be the toughest guy I've ever played with. He was in definite pain the last few days. I for one never thought he was going to play tonight and he goes out and continues to amaze."
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