Alex Vallecillo Quotes

7 Alex Vallecillo quotes:

"It's very important to get gross margins moving in the right direction."
"AMD should keep flash memory for the diversification benefits of it. Flash memory gives AMD something to talk about when the microprocessors results are weak."
Author: Vallecillo Quotes Category: Memory Quotes
"The food chain is a mess. A lot of their customers are in flux."
"It's good that management is not going into a shell and saying they want to preserve cash for the rainiest of rainy days since it is already rainy."
"It's hard to say how much progress the company's really making."
"The biggest problem is that you have reluctant sellers. There has not been enough pain yet."
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"On paper, marrying content with distribution makes a lot of sense but in reality it's been a tough nut to crack."
Author: Vallecillo Quotes Category: Reality Quotes

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