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Shirin Ebadi Quotes

6 Shirin Ebadi quotes:

"Democracy doesn't recognize east or west; democracy is simply people's will. Therefore, I do not acknowledge that there are various models of democracy; there is just democracy itself."
Author: Ebadi Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"No American soldier should be allowed to se t foot on Iranian soil, regardless of the criticism we have of the Iranian government."
"I maintain that nothing useful and lasting can emerge from violence."
Author: Ebadi Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"The condition of women in Islamic societies as a whole is also far from desirable. However, we should acknowledge that there are differences. In certain countries, the conditions are much better and in others much worse."
Author: Ebadi Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Women are the victims of this patriarchal culture, but they are also its carriers. Let us keep in mind that every oppressive man was raised in the confines of his mother's home."
Author: Ebadi Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"I hope the example of Saddam Hussein will give a lesson to leaders of other countries where human rights are not respected."
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