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Wallace Stevens Quotes

30 Wallace Stevens quotes:

"After the final no there comes a yes and on that yes the future of the world hangs."
"Most people read poetry listening for echoes because the echoes are familiar to them. They wade through it the way a boy wades through water, feeling with his toes for the bottom: The echoes are the bottom."
"The philosopher proves that the philosopher exists. The poet merely enjoys existence."
"A poem need not have a meaning and like most things in nature often does not have."
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"To regard the imagination as metaphysics is to think of it as part of life, and to think of it as part of life is to realize the extent of artifice. We live in the mind."
"How full of trifles everything is! It is only one's thoughts that fill a room with something more than furniture."
"Money is a kind of poetry."
"Thought is an infection. In the case of certain thoughts, it becomes an epidemic."
"In the world of words, the imagination is one of the forces of nature."
"Beauty is momentary in the mind / The fitful tracing of a portal; / But in the flesh it is immortal. / The body dies; the body's beauty lives."
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