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Rita Dove Quotes

6 Rita Dove quotes:

"You have to imagine it possible before you can see something. You can have the evidence right in front of you, but if you can't imagine something that has never existed before, it's impossible."
Author: Dove Quotes Category: Imagination Quotes
"Here's a riddle for Our Age: when the sky's the limit, how can you tell you've gone too far?"
Author: Dove Quotes Category: Age And Aging Quotes
"Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful."
"Can it be that even as one grows to fit the space one lives in, one cannot grow until there's space to grow?"
Author: Dove Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"If we really want to be full and generous in spirit, we have no choice but to trust at some level."
Author: Dove Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"I didn't know writers could be real live people, because I never knew any writers."
Author: Dove Quotes Category: American Poet Quotes

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