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"Buddy Ryan said it best. It's hard for a quarterback to throw with tears in his eyes. We brought the whole house. We left our two corners back. Bledsoe went hot and got the ball out quickly. Terry Glenn caught it..."
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"There's a fine line between hope and belief. But he brings belief. All of us became better coaches the second that deal was cut."
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"It's nice to see the way we're playing, but we have a lot of room for improvement where we think we've left plays on the field in every single ballgame."
"But it's still early; it's only Wednesday. I decided [to rest it], so what I'll do is go back out [Thursday] and try to get it going again and see how it feels."
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"But right now, I'm just getting things evaluated, listening to the trainer,"
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"He's one of those rare backs that has the patience, speed and power-the whole package-put together. We're going to have to do a good job of tackling and swarming the ball carrier because he's not a guy that's easy to bring down in one-on-one situations."
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"My own parents wish maybe I would use different adjectives at times. But there's also kind of a feeling that I have to get in the gutter because some of them have lived in the gutter. But I don't take pride in that."
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