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"I think Matt is well prepared. He's a guy that studies hard. He knows the game, and I think whatever decision is made, he'll be ready."
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"If a guy can't communicate as far as hand signals, I don't know what you can do. ... I don't know what the rule is on that, I don't think it was the right call to be made."
"If they can get away with it, it's not cheating,"
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"Ed Reed. He's a very smart player. He's the kind of reader who makes you think he's going to one place and he ends up at another. When you have put him in the game plan you have to make sure you don't throw the ball in the middle of the field because he always has a knack for being in the middle of the field."
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"You get a lot of mixed emotion. The sad thing about it is that you get so frustrated because there is not communication. They can't communicate with you, and you can't communicate with them,"
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"It's a different saying every year, but it all depends upon my health. As long as I can stay healthy, I will continue to play."
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"He's still a talent to be reckoned with. I don't know if he's talking about retirement because of the injuries but he's not declining skill-wise."
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