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5 Richard Daynard quotes:

"Juries all around the country are sending a message that this conduct was not only totally inexcusable but that it was so outrageous, there is no amount of money that would be enough to punish the people who perpetrated it."
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"While the executives played around with the notion of safer cigarettes, the lawyers in the company said, 'Listen, if you make a safer cigarette, you'll indict all the rest of our cigarettes'"
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"Rather than seeking personal injury damages for the consequences of obesity, there will be lawsuits based on state consumer protection laws. There's a lot of deception in the marketplace and a lot of it is relevant to the obesity epidemic. But here we don't have to prove anyone got fat."
"Given the fact that the public health community is being deliberately excluded, this certainly suggests the deal is very bad from a public health point of view."
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"for big bucks, and these guys [the state attorneys general] are all running scared. It makes no sense."
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