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5 Mark Cole quotes:

"The approach of playing out the events of Our Town on an open stage engages the audience directly and essentially makes it a character in the play. The play uses flashbacks and an awareness of the fluid nature of time as it explores the significance of fully living the present moment."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Proof,' dealing as it does with the psychology of creativity, aging and the family dynamic, is an ideal production to include in the 'Psychology and the Arts' programming for the year."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Creativity Quotes
"The coaching staff has got these players believing in themselves. They're walking with a little swagger. They would jump off a bridge for [Taylor] right now."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"We were scrambling to find a coach."
Author: Cole Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"This approach was radical in 1938 when the play was first produced. Audiences were accustomed to realistic plays that often elaborately emphasized the specific details of time and place and, for Wilder, lacked the quality of universality and theatricality."
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