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George Russell Quotes

9 George Russell quotes:

"Electra shareholders now have a very clear choice between 3i's offer and the restructuring proposals put forth by Electra,"
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"Our hearts were drunk with a beauty Our eyes could never see"
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"A young man who had been troubling society with impalpable doctrines of a new civilization which he called "the Kingdom of Heaven" had been put out of the way; and I can imagine that believer in material power murmuring as he went homeward, "it will all blow over now." Yes. The wind from the Kingdom of Heaven has blown over the world, and shall blow for centuries yet."
"The central processing system for injury, repair and fighting disease, infection and organ damage is now known to come from the bone marrow."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"We may fight against what is wrong, but if we allow ourselves to hate, that is to insure our spiritual defeat and our likeness to what we hate."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Hate Quotes Irish Writer Quotes
"[Board chair George Russell expressed his skepticism about future funding from the state.] The big issue is the money, ... There's not even enough money to fix the potholes, so how are we going to figure this out?"
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We've been fortunate this year in that our budget situation is not as grim as many other school districts around the state. We're actually looking pretty good and putting some additional resources into supporting literacy and academic achievement, for kids."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: School Quotes
"The deterioration of the financial markets, particularly in the technology sector, and a worsening corporate earnings outlook, was particularly marked in the second half of the year."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"The audiences at places like the Cotton Club were very sophisticated musically, and wanted to be challenged, not just entertained. There were frequent battles of the bands."
Author: Russell Quotes Category: Audiences Quotes

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