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Kevin Murray Quotes

7 Kevin Murray quotes:

"We'd have tea on a Friday night at home and Dad (Dan, a former Fitzroy premiership player) would clear the plates off the table, put on the kettle and treat my back with hot water and olive oil,"
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Home Quotes
"The reality is that for almost two years now the stakeholders in the criminal justice process have done a very good job. We haven't had population concerns."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"It was our ritual, every Friday night for years."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"Either the NCAA changes its rules or our schools would not be allowed to be part of the NCAA,"
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"The schools would argue that, 'Oh, we are providing an education' -- which they are really not, because they?re only giving you one year on a see-what-happens basis, ... And they also say, 'If you don?t want to live like this, then go pro.' Well, you don?t say that to the coach. It?s OK for the coach to have a TV deal or endorsement deal. I don?t begrudge the coach, but the player should have some opportunities."
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"There are all kinds of events out there - and we just don't have enough places to put them in California, a state with 35 million people,"
Author: Murray Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"The audience loved it, they responded to it very strongly in a lot of different ways. A lot of different topics that came out of the play reading struck such a chord in people, and it wasn't always the same chord. People latched onto different aspects of the play and that made us think this is worthy of a full production."
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