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"I just want to thank people who take big risks in their daily lives when there aren't cameras rolling. I want to dedicate this award to people who stand up for peace and against injustice and intolerance."
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"They managed the campaign very well, getting the DVDs into the hands of the viewers, believing that the picture would sell itself. I thought that we had absolutely no shot at the Oscar, though I hoped that some of the actors would be remembered."
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"I'd only seen him as the hero or the foppish best friend - so I felt predisposed to like him. On the other hand, Granger's character is not particularly attractive at all - 1950s film heroes were supposed to be strong and confident, yet here is this rather tediously weak man, who allows himself to be pushed around by women."
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"Of course I feel guilty about manipulating the audience, playing on their preconceptions in that way, ... But that's my job."
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"None of us expected it. You hope, but we had a tiny picture...this was a year when Hollywood rewarded rule breakers."
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"[September 16, 2005 - In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , newly hired Casino Royale re-write scribe Paul Haggis dropped some brief but revealing tidbits about the next James Bond installment.] It's going to be good, ... We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28: no Q, no gadgets."
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"This is the year that Hollywood rewarded rule-breakers."
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"[Still, who will complain, since in both real life and cinematic fantasy everyone agrees that what is needed all round is a change of image. MI6 offers disguised profiles of its latest recruits, which are replete with red-brick universities, second-class degrees, and operatives with Asian names. The movie men are looking for something new too.] We're trying to reinvent Bond, ... It's very difficult to think of new ways of blowing things up. It's the journey that's the thing - finding a new journey for the character."
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