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"I don't think anybody comes close to The Beatles, including Oasis."
"Not for a million -- years. I mean, I like the INXS boys, but I found the process very degrading, really. Reality television has eaten away at our standards of excellence. I don't like this whole culture, which has evolved, of TV being the king."
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"It was very much like losing a family member. And, of course, you never really get over it. You get through it and you rebuild your life. But it's always there. And I will always carry that with me."
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"It was really there in our heads from the beginning - to get the orchestration of the voices and guitars. It was just a question of being able to realize the dream, and getting the time and money and studio equipment to be able to do it. Actually, the 'Queen II' album [in 1974] had a lot of that in it - it tends to be slightly underrated, but a lot of the foundations for the sound were laid on that album."
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"I have a perfectly clear idea of what was in Freddie's mind. But it was unwritten law among us in those days that the real core of a song lyric was a private matter for the composer."
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