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Jarrod Kerr Quotes

9 Jarrod Kerr quotes:

"The good news is the surge in business investment is laying the groundwork for improved growth. This is what the central bank wants and so they will stay on the sidelines."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"Consumers have tightened the purse strings and this could continue over the next few months approaching Christmas."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"Consumer confidence has fallen five times in the last eight months and signals that the difficult times are not over for households."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"The downside surprise on economic growth was not large enough to alter the outlook significantly."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Corporate spending, particularly in mining, has replaced household spending and home building as the principal driver of growth in the economy. It will also alleviate capacity constraints in the economy."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The much-needed rotation in the sources of Australia's economic growth away from consumer spending and home building is well under way."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Growth in employment this year is likely to be substantially lower than over the past year. In that sort of environment, we forecast the central bank will leave interest rates unchanged for the rest of the year."
Author: Kerr Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The prolonged sluggish performance in exports is unwelcome because exports are another area of the economy that needs to improve, given the slowdown in the domestic economy."
"Employment is likely to be much weaker going forward and the jobless rate will keep rising as the economy cools. Interest rates are on hold."

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