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"It's a very fickle golf course. I've just got to be patient the next three days and pick up some ground."
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"It's been a wonderful journey so far. I just want to ride this rocket as long as I can."
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"The previous champions are all of the greats in golf,"
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"He's the yardstick of how good we can get. He does things with his golf stick that we cannot do,"
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"I changed management groups. All of these aspects are very important for me to succed this year, ... I've got a great formula going right now."
"[Hackett's research does not cover every area where ERP systems have an impact.] We look at the ways in which people use technology to automate processes, ... We don't look at the technology itself, and we don't look at market performance."
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"Last week I was watching a bit of golf on TV and I could feel my fingers and my feet tapping because I'm ready to go now."
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"[Baltusrol's back-to-back closing par 5s, Woods reasoned, offered a safety net ensuring someone would better his 278 aggregate. They had been nettlesome enough, though, to trip up the game's greatest player earlier in the week.] Yeah, I'm surprised, very surprised, ... The last two holes … anything could happen, especially in that rough. I would have hung around for a playoff."
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