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9 Kevin Rudd quotes:

"Australia stands ready to provide any assistance, such as energy assistance, bilateral development or any safeguard expertise that we may be able to offer,"
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"What we would also need to have some guarantees about is the probity of the police force undertaking these tests themselves to make sure that they are free from corruption or any other maleficence."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"A terrible piece of work. Addicted to the media and leaking. A junior minister in Government at best."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"We should not be kowtowing to anybody when it comes to freedom in this country."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"It appears tobe a fantastic breakthrough, although history cautions us to reserve a final judgment in dealing with North Korea."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: History Quotes
"This is a world-class scandal...which is damaging to Australia's international reputation. We must get to the bottom of it."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Class Quotes
"(Indonesia is) important because of our common interests with counter-terrorism, our common interest in the effective control of illegal immigrants. We need to make sure this relationship is back on an even keel as soon as possible."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"It seems the whole world knew, except for the Howard Government. This is getting ridiculous. This is becoming a farce."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"If John Howard has nothing to hide, he would widen the terms of reference to cover his Government, ministers, and advisers. He shouldn't put commissioner Cole in the position of, at some stage, having to make such a request."
Author: Rudd Quotes Category: Government Quotes

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