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9 John Buchanan quotes:

"It's something that we need to correct - there's no doubt about that."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"For example, if someone has a twisted ankle and they want to go to the hospital, our paramedics can downgrade it and call in one of these crews."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"Brett's one of the few people in world cricket at the moment that is bowling consistently at 150km/h. You only have to be a fraction out in your action and the ball could potentially go anywhere."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Cricket Quotes
"I know that a lot of the fire stations down there have been destroyed, fire equipment has been lost or destroyed, firefighters don't have any way to communicate. So are these firefighters alive? Missing?"
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"We could have started this route at the beginning of the series and talked about it for a long period of time,"
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"We have batted in dark conditions. But the umpires have equipped themselves well and I have every confidence they made the right decision about the light."
"A U.S. taxpayer is subject to income tax on their worldwide income, ... These schemes do not give you any relief from that legally."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Income Quotes
"I love each and every one of you but,like my own family, you thrill, you frustrate, you anger."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Quotes Quotes
"I feel very strongly that once someone has paid the penalty for the felony they have committed, that their voting rights should be restored."
Author: Buchanan Quotes Category: Voting Quotes

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