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Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes

137 Napoleon Bonaparte quotes:

"Large legislative bodies resolve themselves into coteries, and coteries into jealousies."
"Men are lead by trifles."
"Vanity made the [French] Revolution; liberty was only a pretext."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: Liberty Quotes
"Imagination rules the world."
"Incidents should not govern policy; but, policy incidents."
"There is no class of people so hard to manage in a state, as those whose intentions are honest, but whose consciences are bewitched."
"The first quality for a commander-in-chief is a cool head to receive a correct impression of things. He should not allow himself to be confused by either good or bad news."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"Do you know what amazes me more than anything else? The impotence of force to organize anything."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: Force Quotes Organization Quotes
"I made all my generals out of mud."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: French Leader Quotes Generals Quotes
"In order to govern, the question is not to follow out a more or less valid theory but to build with whatever materials are at hand. The inevitable must be accepted and turned to advantage."
"Water, air, and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy."
"Let the path be open to talent."
"Public opinion is the thermometer a monarch should constantly consult."
"When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity."
Author: Bonaparte Quotes Category: French Leader Quotes Mediocrity Quotes
"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide."
"There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous."
"If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing."
"I can no longer obey; I have tasted command, and I cannot give it up."
"One must change one's tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority."
"Forethought we may have, undoubtedly, but not foresight."

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