Vaclav Havel Quotes

28 Vaclav Havel quotes:

"Isn't it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity..."
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Birth Quotes
"Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out"
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"The award is destined for scientists who do not fear to touch on some of the darkest aspects of being without betraying what they have achieved. On the contrary, they head in this direction,"
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"When a truth is not given complete freedom, freedom is not complete."
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"It is as if many have again ignored the fact that an attack on the freedom of individuals threatens the freedom of all."
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"Work for something because it is good, not just because it stands a chance to succeed."
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"Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not."
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"The tragedy of modern man is not that he knows less and less about the meaning of his own life, but that it bothers him less and less."
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"The deeper the experience of an absence of meaning -- in other words, of absurdity --the more energetically meaning is sought."
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"A state that denies its citizens their basic rights becomes a danger to its neighbors as well: internal arbitrary rule will be reflected in arbitrary external relations. The suppression of public opinion, the abolition of public competition for power and its public exercise opens the way for the state power to arm itself in any way it sees fit. A state that does not hesitate to lie to its own people will not hesitate to lie to other states."
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"When the internal crisis of the totalitarian system grows so deep that it becomes clear to everyone, and when more and more people learn to speak their own language and reject the hollow, mendacious language of the powers that be, it means that freedom is remarkably close, if not directly within reach,"
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"The exercise of power is determined by thousands of interactions between the world of the powerful and that of the powerless, all the more so because these worlds are never divided by a sharp line: everyone has a small part of himself in both."
"The role of the writer is not simply to arrange Being according to his own lights; he must also serve as a medium to Being and remain open to its often unfathomable dictates. This is the only way the work can transcend its creator and radiate its meaning further than the author himself can see or perceive."
"All respected domestic and international organizations agree that your demands are justified. Therefore I wish you strength, endurance, courage and fortunate decisions."
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"Just as many showed their solidarity with us when we were striving for freedom, so now we must show solidarity to those who are only striving for it in uneasy conditions,"
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"The attempt to devote oneself to literature alone is a most deceptive thing, and often, paradoxically, it is literature that suffers for it."
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"Just as the constant increase of entropy is the basic law of the universe, so it is the basic law of life to be ever more highly structured and to struggle against entropy."
"Our task is to feel the danger of these regimes."
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"I feel with leaving office I will enter a new realm of great freedom than I have had ... and I will speak more freely,"
Author: Havel Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"The law is only one of several imperfect and more or less external ways of defending what is better in life against what is worse. By itself, the law can never create anything better. Establishing respect for the law does not automatically ensure a better life for that, after all, is a job for people and not for laws and institutions."

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