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Charlie Bell Quotes

6 Charlie Bell quotes:

"Billups is not going to run you off a lot of screens. He's kind of a rock-you-to-sleep guy. He's one of those guys you think he's not doing anything, and he crosses you over real quick and goes to the hole. He's so strong. If he gets a step on you, you're dead."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Kindness Quotes
"We didn't know how physical he'd become, because we don't beat up our kids in practice. He had to play himself into showing us, and one game in midseason he came up and made a great tackle along the edge. From that point on, I think that answered our questions."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"My management team and I remain firmly committed to strengthening McDonald's relevancy and continuing the momentum that began under Jim's leadership."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I feel good and I look forward to a complete recovery, ... While I recognize that last year's strong comparable sales will create more challenging monthly comparisons as we move throughout the year, I remain confident in our plans and the opportunities that exist to add even more customers to our restaurants in the future."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"They have to stop us, and we believe we can score on anybody. They've got a tough job as well."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"It's fun to improve after you have had a good game like we did. We've had a good week of practice ... They've kept their focus well."
Author: Bell Quotes Category: Fun Quotes

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