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12 James Wolfensohn quotes:

"I do not believe you can have a million starving Palestinians and have peace."
Author: Wolfensohn Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Commercial success will depend to a significant extent on adequate export arrangements. Time is short, and optimism is a fragile commodity."
"If you were in a job where it was unclear what the purpose of that job was and what the backing that you had was and who had the responsibility...you would probably wonder...if that was the thing you wanted to do."
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"We can only have success in partnership with others in the development community, including civil society and the private sector. There must be effective performance in utilizing development assistance -- corruption-free and reaching the poor."
"What is happening outside is that people are scared -- they are afraid they may lose their jobs, ... These are legitimate fears, but the trend toward globalization is irreversible."
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"The truth of the matter is ... I have found it difficult to understand why on six issues in 20 weeks of negotiations it has been impossible to bring about more progress"
Author: Wolfensohn Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"My ... agenda is only a beginning ? but it is a gateway through which we must step if we are to get back to the road map, and move to a settlement of this bitter and wasteful conflict,"
"I share with my colleagues the feeling of distress from the problems that have arisen on the streets,"
"I do believe that Secretary Rice is very keen to make sure that the deal is done,"
Author: Wolfensohn Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Our focus is on poverty, which is an issue that affects everybody, but there's little doubt that other events of interest will make their way into different discussions,"
Author: Wolfensohn Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"We are asking for calm, and the opportunity to build a bridge, ... But it's very difficult to build a bridge if only one side is building it."
"I think it will be a tragedy for both sides if that opportunity is not done, but can I give you a guarantee? No,"

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